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    Does your boiler need a tune up? Do you need immediate help with your commercial or residential boiler? Need boiler sections & parts to  fix your existing boiler? Thinking about converting your existing oil boiler to a gas boiler? Or does your air conditioner need to be services? There is no job too big or small - we do it all - in all of Brooklyn, Queens, and New York City, NY!





    You were thinking of changing that old
    gas-guzzler of a boiler this summer  but now its in the heart of  the winter season and it finally broke down!!”

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    We are pleased to say that if something is not working on your heating system, we will, even if its 10 degrees out side, and we’re fully book up, get a service technician to your house within 24 hour period or less in most cases!!




HVAC/Air Conditioning

Our air conditioning specialists provide great value, excellent service, and quality work to residential & commercial businesses in the all of Brooklyn, Queens, and New York City. We can install or remove window and through-the-wall room air conditioners for homes, offices, apartments, and condos. We also overhaul units to make them perform like new, servicing and selling Frigidaire, GE, Friedrich, McQuay, and many other fine brands. Need emergency service? We will service your unit in 24 hours or less (in most cases). Have your air conditioner serviced now! A properly serviced air conditioner will likely last twice as long as one that is not taken care of.

Specializing in high-efficiency commercial & residential HVAC Systems

Some of the many air conditioning services we offer are:

  • Rooftop units repair & replacement
  • Evaporator coil cleaned & replaced
  • Air Handler repair and replacement
  • Accu-clean
  • Blower motor replacement
  • Humidifiers
  • Filter maintenance
  • Emergency band
  • Commercial mini-split installation


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